We handle all reservations by email, so please drop us a line about your project so we can start looking into available dates. If you require associated services (e.g. filming, orchestrations etc), please include those needs with your enquiry.

Ideally, sessions should be reserved at least 21 days in advance; however, booking earlier will give you the most flexibility in terms of dates, studios and musicians.

Studios can be reserved without payment. However, the only the way to fully secure your booking, is to pay a 50% deposit – see also payment section. If you have reserved a date and someone else requests the same, you will be required to pay this deposit within 3 working days to avoid losing your reservation.

It may be possible to arrange a recording with fewer than 21 days notice, however, there is no guarantee. You can always ask!


To fully secure your reservation:

  • 21 days prior to the session, a 50% deposit is required
  • If a reservation is made fewer than 21 days prior to the session, the 50% deposit must be paid immediately

The final settlement will be sent to you after the recording. Upon your approval of the settlement document, the balance invoice will be issued and the payment must be sent within 5 days after that.

We accept payments via any regulated banks and secure money transfer services (e.g. Wise).

Scores, parts and Pro Tools files

If printing is required, PDFs of A3 scores and A4 parts should be sent at least 48 hours prior to the recording.

We suggest that:

  • Scores and parts should have the title at the top of each page.
  • All pages should have page numbers.
  • All parts should have the instrument name at the top of every page.
  • All file names should contain a number and a short title (max 30 characters).
  • File naming should follow an ascending numerical/alphabetical order.

You can either deliver Pro Tools sessions (PTX files) or a MIDI tempo map with any audio pre-records. All files can be uploaded to any cloud storage/online server, or can be sent via email in a ZIP folder.

The file folder structure should follow either an ascending numerical order or the actual running order.

Please disclose a running order whenever possible.

Asset delivery and storage

A link to the recorded material will be sent to you few hours after the session via Dropbox.

Your material will be securely kept for 3 months after the recording.

Remote recordings

We’ve been doing remote recordings since well before the pandemic. As a result we’re extremely experienced with it. So, if you’d like to listen to your recording from your home, studio or wherever, you can easily do this via Zoom, Audiomovers, or Source Connect using a Chrome browser for the latter.

If you have Source Connect software (as opposed to just using it through the browser), we can send you a picture lock link so you watch the film in sync with the audio being recorded.

If you want to use the talk back facilities of the above, be sure to attach a microphone. Alternatively, you can message via the chat functions.

A Dropbox link to the recorded material will be sent to you few hours after the session.


To provide the required instruments, you need to give us a detailed instrumentation line-up and requests such as doubling instruments in woodwind and brass, percussion list, 5-string basses and any special instruments.

We need all this information 14 days before the session.

We charge an instrument rental fee for the following:

  • Harp
  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Special instruments (e.g., Wagner Horn, Cimbasso, Cimbalom)

Cancellations or Postponements

A. Cancellations

If you cancel 21 days or more before the recording, we will return your 50% deposit.

If you cancel within 21 days of your recording, we will keep your 50% deposit.

B. Postponements

If key circumstances change and you need to postpone, this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


You must reserve a minimum of one, 3-hour session with us.

We usually can record 5-8 minutes of music/hour but this depends on the music’s complexity, the preparation of the scores and parts, and any striping you may require.

The schedule of a 3 hour recording is:

  • 90 minutes recording
  • 20 minutes break
  • 70 minutes recording

The schedule of a 4 hour recording is:

  • 90 minutes recording
  • 20 minutes break
  • 70 minutes recording
  • 10 minutes break
  • 50 minutes recording

If you book 2 sessions on the same day, there will be a one-hour break between the two sessions.


If requested in advance, overtime of 30 minutes or 1 hour can be reserved.

  • However, please note that the first 10 minutes of overtime is a break so the recording time will actually be 20 or 50 minutes

You don’t have to decide whether it will be used or not until the first break of the applicable session. However, if you don’t request the overtime when confirming the booking, it probably won’t be possible to organize.

  • That said, if you choose NOT to use the overtime:
    • You will NOT have to pay for the musicians
    • BUT you will still need to pay the studio reservation cost

Let us know what works best for you and we will arrange accordingly.


If you do not have enough music to meet our minimum 3-hour session requirements, contact us to see if we can arrange for you to “piggyback” onto an existing session, allowing you to book 50 minutes of recording time.