35 years of experience. Thousands of hours of sessions. Customers who keep coming back.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here is a small selection of testimonials from people  we’ve worked with across the decades.

Terry Gilliam, UK

Filmmaker & Actor
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Monty Python

Recording the musical score for The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus in Budapest was an utter joy thanks to Csaba (Csaba Lőkös – owner of CLmusic Ltd) . Not only was he able to organize everything smoothly, providing us with great musicians and beautiful recording facilities and wonderful dinners but, he is the man in charge of booking one of my favorite musical groups in the world, Parno Graszt. Long live Parno Graszt! Long live Csaba!

Vasili Sirli, FRANCE

Former Music Director − Disneyland Paris, award-winning composer and music producer
Disney parades & shows, Somewhere in Palilula

I was Disneyland Paris’ Music Director for 28 years and, for nearly all that time, I recorded our considerable, and frequently changing, repertoire with the Budapest Film Orchestra. At the park’s inception, we decided the music needed to be recorded in Europe so, initially, I tried orchestras in the UK, France, Germany and Eastern Europe. I went with CLmusic’s BFO for the long term, as they offered the optimum balance between quality, cost and professionalism which would meet Disney’s exceptionally high standards.

Their contract management ensured Disney’s rights were well protected. This was not necessarily the case with other contractors in the region. I also needed to record many different types of music for our shows and parades. Csaba and his team have an unparalleled network of top caliber musicians across jazz, classical/symphonic, rock and ethnic music. You name it – they can get it, and it will be good. Their conductors were an experienced and effective bridge between what I needed as a producer and what the musicians needed to know to deliver the desired outcome. They’re also quick, which considering how expensive sessions can be, is big strength of theirs.

Associated personnel such as engineers, orchestrators and copyists are also excellent. Everyone’s musical expertise and English skills are first rate, as is their IT set-up. Remote sessions were easy, well before the pandemic-inspired zoom revolution. They always keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Year after year, recording after recording, the output and experience was superb. There was never any problem they couldn’t handle.

While I’m now retired, I’m still regularly asked for recommendations by those wanting to achieve the same high level of cost-efficient quality I delivered consistently for nearly 30 years. Without hesitation, I still suggest CLmusic’s BFO, and the feedback I’ve had back from those who’ve then tried them continues to be excellent.

Mark Kilian, USA

Eye in the Sky, Pitch Perfect (platinum album for soundtrack sales), President in Waiting

Whenever I need orchestral music, my first choice is always the Budapest Film Orchestra.

I’ve recorded over a dozen film projects with them so far, the first being King Solomon’s Mines ─ the 2004 mini-series with Patrick Swayze, and the last being President in Waiting ─ the 2020 documentary movie looking into the history of the Vice Presidency. While the pandemic derailed a couple of things I had planned with the BFO, I’m looking forward to getting back to Budapest in May 2023 to record a huge project featuring a full orchestra and choir. I can’t wait to get onto their podium again to conduct my music! So much better than producing it on remote.

Csaba and his team have become trusted partners, friends even. In 20 years, they’ve never dropped the ball. The music always sounds good and their engineers, Tomas and Peter, are rock solid. Everyone is also completely drama-free. Last minute changes don’t faze them. They just get on with it and make things happen.

Steve London, 

Award-winning composer (Oscar-nominated documentary)
Chau Beyond the Lines, The Ripping Friends

Since the mid-1990s, I’ve recorded a wide variety of things with the Budapest Film Orchestra ranging from scores for Stockholm ─ the comedic drama with Ethan Hawke, to the cult horror hit ─ Shallow Ground, to The Ripping Friends, an animated series by Jon Kricfalusi of ‘Ren and Stimpy’, to production music for Sonoton Music.

I keep going back to Csaba and his team because the quality is consistently great, and they make it so easy. I tell them what I need, and then forget about it until it’s time to record. I know they’ll sort things out, regardless of the challenges, leaving me to focus on my music. Shallow Ground is a great example. I had a vast quantity of music to record with a very tight timeline and budget -not to mention some difficult instruments to source. They got it done without a hitch.

Fantastic musicians. Fantastic hosts. Decorum across the board.

Tom Player, UK

Award-winning composer
Trailers: Game of Thrones, The Hobbit. Adverts: Ikea, Morrisons

I’ve used the Budapest Film Orchestra for my own sessions, as well as shared recordings with composer friends of mine, and have been very happy with their work. I think they are particularly good for melodic and expressive, string-led material. I’ve always felt very well taken care of by Csaba and his team.

Bradley Farmer, UK

Composer and MPSE-nominated music editor
Baby Driver, Suicide Squad, Longing (BFI)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say the score for the new play, Contempt, which I recorded with you in January, got rave reviews from critics this week. No surprise there though since you guys always do a great job with my music. Please share the news with the orchestra and choir.

Paul D. Taylor, USA

Orchestrator, music prep and conductor
Jump Force, Elden Ring, Warhaven, Starfield

When budgets won’t stretch to LA or London, the Budapest Film Orchestra is, without a doubt, the next best option. In fact, while recording Jump Force with them a few years ago, I remember Satoshi Noguchi, the world-renowned mixer and engineer, validating my long-held belief, by commenting on the extremely high level of playing ability with this orchestra.

Over the last 10-15 years I’ve done a huge number of projects, remote and in person, with the BFO, mostly trailers and games. Two imminent releases recorded there include Warhaven and Starfield.
In addition to the fantastic orchestra, we keep going back to them because we love the experience so much. The CL Music team make it a fun and easy. Whether Csaba, Kinga, Reka or Kriszti are in charge, we still get the same great personalized and totally professional service.

Gustav Hoyer, USA

Award-winning composer
Albums: The Gilded Age, The Mental Cartographer, A Winter Journal

In 2018 I was hearing that people were recording great music in Budapest, so I figured I’d give the land of Liszt a try. I picked the Budapest Film Orchestra because, from the website recordings I heard, their music sounded superior to that of the other main scoring orchestra in Budapest. I write some pretty intricate material, combining a rich classical background with modern sensibilities to create memorable musical experiences. They handle it all with ease, with hardly any rehearsal. I’ve been so happy that I’ve already done four full albums with the BFO – all on remote, with me in the US and even a co-writer based in Australia. Péter – the conductor, the sound engineers, the overall set-up, the videographers… everything they arranged … was first class.

Csaba, Réka and Kinga, they’re also lovely people who I finally got to meet in person on a recent, unrelated trip to Europe. There can be a lot of shady characters in the music industry, people who don’t follow through, but not them. They are an ethical, totally professional outfit. Very responsive.

I’m a huge fan − I almost don’t want to give them a testimonial because I don’t want them to get so busy that I can’t get in to record with them!

Franco Tortora, GERMANY

Composer and founder of Mona Davis Music
Berlin I Love You, Perfect Life, McDonald’s worldwide Audiologo (BaDa BaBaBa)

Through my music production company I’ve worked with CLmusic and the Budapest Film Orchestra for over 20 years, initially with Csaba and eventually the wider Lőkös clan. I’ve used them on commercials for big brands like McDonald’s and Müller Milk, as well as a large number of international films and TV series.  Everything from the music to the hospitality is perfectly organized.

Music is pure emotion. You have to put your absolute passion and dedication and your whole heart and soul into it, then really great music is born. And that starts with the creation and goes through all the people involved.

It’s clear the Lőkös clan loves creating music and, not just any old music, good music. They carefully handpick the best musicians, conductors and orchestrators available. The BFO musicians are particularly passionate about music and about their instruments. Indeed, the quality of their playing is as good as that of orchestras I’ve used in Los Angeles. They are also better than those I’ve used in Germany or Austria. The Germans, for example, take more time and practice to get pieces right.

Alexander Reich, GERMANY

Composer, orchestrator and musicologist
Symphony in one movement, A Letter to Isabell (Ulrich Wiederspahn)

Thank you CLmusic for bringing my complex symphony to life! I’d gotten tired of using samples, which made my music sound lifeless, and the other Eastern European orchestra I approached told me what I’d written was too difficult. The Budapest Film Orchestra rose to the challenge and produced an excellent result without the need for another orchestrator to simplify what I’d written: thirteen sixteenths in a 4+4+2+3 formation, for example.

The conductor was excellent, too. I was impressed you found me someone with significant stage and orchestra pit experience as I didn’t want to use a click track wherever possible. Avoiding the straitjacket of a metronome gave my music extra liveliness; the conductor contributed excellent flourishes with the leeway this gave him. Also, it was very helpful to have a conductor liked by the orchestra to pass on my instructions without the hindrance of a language barrier. I know you normally work in English but, it was a nice surprise to speak to him in German.

Behind the scenes, Kriszti was efficient and effective. There when I needed her. In the background when not. I look forward to working with everyone again in the future.

James Hannigan, UK

Bafta award-winning composer
Harry Potter, EA Sports, Steelrising games

My experience recording with the Budapest Film Orchestra has been a very positive one. The team at CLMUSIC were thoroughly professional and communicative throughout, delivering a seamless and joined up package that saw them responding to my every technical request in a reassuring and timely fashion. From contracting the players and printing parts locally through to setting up remote monitoring and having the sessions filmed, I really can’t fault them. And then there’s the orchestra itself, which was a joy to behold. The players turned in committed, energy-filled performances and I look forward to working with them again.

Inon Zur, USA

Emmy award-winner and 3 time BAFTA-nominated composer
Saber Rock, Starfield, Syberia

I’ve recorded all over, including other parts of Central Europe, and I can’t recommend CLmusic’s Budapest Film Orchestra highly enough. They’re so good that, apart from a few sessions at Abbey Road, I’ve been recording all my music with them for the last 6 years. From the get-go, CLmusic is responsive and accommodating. All is possible with them, and every detail, from the orchestra to the music printing to the hospitality, is impeccably arranged. I can relax because I know I’m covered.

Their orchestral sound is also inspiring. A perfect blend: the warmth of a Central European orchestra with the precision and professionalism of LA or London. It’s easy to record a lot per session and they can handle any type of music, whether it’s for games or movie trailers. My Starfield game music, for example, had a very sci fi feel to it and they nailed it. Syberia, by contrast, was more classically oriented and involved a pianist I brought to the session myself – the result was equally beautiful, but in a different way.

They understand English and are super focused. Hardly any chitchat. Their sightreading is flawless, even with challenging music, and they’re always on the click. The engineers are similarly professional and efficient, while recording equipment is also excellent. All in all, a great package with a great end result.

Scott Erickson, USA

Grammy-nominated producer, composer and arranger
In the Swing of Christmas album, Mesmerica

I was introduced to the BFO by Vasile Sirli, the Music Director for Disneyland Paris, when we worked on the park’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, and they’re now my first port of call for orchestral music.

Everything is smooth and easy, even on remote. They’re always on point. The players are great, and I know I’ll get what I need. I’ve worked with 3 of their conductors and they’re all terrific. They speak English well, plus they’re experienced and helpful, pointing out things I might’ve missed by not being in the room. The engineers are top notch and files are returned quickly – within 2-3 hours, even for long sessions – which keeps us moving forward. They’re lovely people. Projects with CLmusic are fun!

In the last six years I’ve done additional recordings with them for Disneyland Paris and Disney Yellow Shoes, the internal ad agency for Disney Parks, Experiences & Products, as well as projects for Holland America cruises.

I’ve also used the BFO for Mesmerica, the award-winning, fully immersive projection show for planetariums and giant screen theaters that’s selling out across the US and is built around music by the Grammy-nominated composer, James Hood.

Daryl Griffith, UK

Award-winning composer and orchestrator 
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Mulan, Laal Singh Chaddha

Over last 25 years I’ve worked with Csaba, Kinga, Réka and Kriszti to record many things with the Budapest Film Orchestra. Music for film, tv, games, pop stars and commercials. In fact, most of the high-end production music I do is with the BFO so their output has featured in programs as diverse as The Apprentice, Star Wars trailers, Saturday Night Live, and the Discovery Channel. Other recent projects have included conducting the score to Aamir Khan’s film Laal Singh Chaadha and the string element to Christina Aguilera’s song, Reflections, in Disney’s 2020 film, Mulan, and at least 5 Call of Duty Mobile game soundtracks per year.

I pride myself on my exceptionally high standards and return to CLmusic and the BFO time and again because they are professional and efficient, delivering an excellent sound at a cost-effective price.

I also like that they have a selection of studios I can choose from, enabling me to tailor the sound achieved to the needs of a specific album.

Koji Suga, JAPAN

Harmonics International

We, Harmonics International, are an entertainment company based in Tokyo specializing in anime and video game music production. It was a great honor to have been a part of the Elden Ring team/project in collaboration with FromSoftware and we have been very happy to see the joy that it brought to the world.

We all went through a lot of obstacles during the recording period due to the coronavirus pandemic; however, thanks to CL MUSIC’s coordination, we were able to have a smooth sailing journey until the very end. The first-class performance of the Budapest Film Orchestra also helped us grasp the entire atmosphere of the game perfectly even before the whole game came together.

We hope that Elden Ring continues to move the hearts of many people for generations to come, both through the challenging gameplay and riveting soundtracks!

Tom Hobden, UK

Multi-instrumentalist in chart-topping indie rock band
Gang of Youths, angel in realtime

Such is the quality and renown of the Budapest Film Orchestra that it was nothing short of a privilege for Dave and I, from the band Gang of Youths, to head over to Budapest in the Summer of 2021 to record arrangements for our album angel in realtime with a large string section. Everyone involved, from the fantastic players to the wonderful conductor Péter Illényi, engineers Péter Barabás and Gergő Láposi, not least the Lőkös family, made the process incredibly smooth and accommodating. We look forward very much to working with them again in the future.


Managing Partner and Creative Director
Magma Music Agency

We provide music for big corporate brands, typically for their international TV campaigns. Examples using the Budapest Film Orchestra include recent Heineken and Barilla ads.

Managing our clients’ expectations for flawless execution, often to extremely tight deadlines, is extremely challenging – particularly when we need to book an orchestra of 30 people at short notice.However, ever since we started using CLmusic a few years ago, this has become less stressful.

Their communication is super fast and super helpful. And, of course, their orchestra is super damn good! Plus they’re lovely people.

What stands out for me is how capable they are at finding solutions, no matter how challenging the situation. They have a can-do attitude that prioritizes excellent customer service and results. That’s why we keep going back to them.

Tamer Karawan, EGYPT

Award-winning composer
Newton’s Cradle, Moussa

I’ve been recording with CLmusic’s Budapest Film Orchestra since 2015. The musicians do an impressive job interpreting my music. Better than most other Eastern European orchestras I’ve tried. Which isn’t easy, since the melodies and styles of Egyptian music differ a lot from European pieces. The string section is particularly strong.

The team behind the scenes is also great: very flexible, able to arrange last-minute recordings and other support I might need, like orchestrations. As a producer of my own music, I especially value how, in partnership with me, they proactively come up with ideas to save money. For example, by proposing a different configuration of musicians that still achieves the sound I’m going for. They achieve the perfect balance between being personable and professional. Every detail is taken care of perfectly, with a smile.

My music sounds great and it’s a very smooth experience. That’s why I go back to them whenever I can.

Paul Talkington, UK

Music recording facilitator
A Christmas Carol, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Black and White Gold

For the projects I have recorded in Budapest I can rely totally on the professionalism of Csaba and the CL Music team to provide an excellent and reliable service for music recording.

Tristan Seewer, SWITZERLAND

All is Vanity, Latitude South

I’ve done four projects so far with the Budapest Film Orchestra, including a film still to be released featuring the orchestra and choir. Each time the music has been amazing. Unlike other Contractors I have worked with in other countries, CLmusic selects only the best musicians. The musicians immediately grasp the essence of the music after a take and their experience brings a musical quality that often exceeds my expectations.

I’ve also been lucky enough to experience a recording at Abbey Road which was also amazing. Abbey Road is a mythical, unique place but recording there requires a substantial investment. That’s the only difference with Budapest because the quality of the musicians for me is similar to the musicians in London. At every recording, I have been blown away by how good these musicians are and all my friends who’ve recorded with the BFO at my recommendation also agree!